From problem identification, project management, design, R&D and manufacturing to certification, final integration and assembly


Composhield offers a wide range of services to armor integrators, vehicle manufacturers, OEMs, government agencies and others working within force protection.


Our services range from problem identification, project management, design, R&D and manufacturing to certification, final integration and assembly.


Composhield is a total systems provider, of either complete armor systems or subsystems.


Composhield has always had focus on research and design and can offer a wide range of engineering services, based on the latest technology and know-how available.

Our engineering department consists of mechanical engineers specialized in material science, simulation, CAD and design. Combined with our experience in large national and international projects this allows us to provide anything from technical assitance for ongoing armor projects all the way to full project management and integration services for new vehicle platforms.

Composhield can provide complete System Solutions from design concept or reverse engineering all the way through to final product, implementation and validation by certification.

Armor Integration

Armor integration is an important part of obtaining a protection solution that both provides a high level of protection and ensures functionality to allow users to fulfill their mission.


At the same time, achieving a cost effective solution will often depend highly on the armor design and integration. Composhield offers, as part of our core services, to either act as consultants on armor integration or take over the responsibility for the solution and integration on the vehicle.


Composhield has manufactured composite armor products since 1996 and has gained extensive experience and developed new processing techniques to achieve superior quality and performance at a competitive cost.


All manufacturing is done in-house by experienced and highly skilled workers using only the best raw materials and equipment. Composhield maintains an ISO 9000 certification and partners only with suppliers that can live up to our high quality standards.

Production Capabilities

  • Add-on armor
  • Structural armor
  • Spall liner
  • Assembly
ISO9000 Quality System Certification

Validation & Certification

Composhield performs testing and validation of protection solutions at a wide selection of test ranges and institutes, each specialized in various aspects of targets and threats.

Composhield performs testing to support ongoing projects and customers including


  • Research and development
  • Customer applications
  • Certification
  • Validation
Composhield is being tested and validated by numeros business partners etc.